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Manchester is 10: Look what they’ve become…

We would like to invite you to take a moment to read some of our impressive testimonials from just a selection of the people we’ve helped in their careers over the last 10 years.


Picture of Zoe

Zoe, Production Manager, McCann’s

“I’m still with McCann almost ten years on, and am now Production Manager at their multi media studio working on stills, TV and content. I was desperately unhappy in my last job and can still remember hiding behind a tree outside the building, to take a call from Justin to say he’d got me an interview at McCann. I was absolutely thrilled.

I was always conscious my skill set wasn’t straightforward so really appreciated how much time you spent matching me with potential employers. Having had some frankly rubbish experiences with other agencies (who’d sent me to interviews for some really unsuitable positions including traffic manager for a team of boiler repairmen!), it was refreshing to feel understood, valued and taken seriously. I love my job and my career has really developed over the last decade - thanks to you for making the initial introduction!”

Picture of Jamie

Jamie, Senior Art Director, McCann’s

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know - and then it’s what you know. I was very grateful that you managed to get me an interview at McCann Manchester back in ‘05. My book was a little thin to say the least, and I wasn’t relishing showing it to Dave Price the ECD. Anyway, somehow I fluked it and they offered me a full time job. I worked really (really) hard for four years. I wanted to gain respect from these multi-award winning art directors that surrounded me. I learnt loads, kept my head down, practised what I saw on a daily basis - but all the time I knew I had it in me to do the same as them and win awards. So I plugged away at my own ideas. Asked to look at briefs. Got the award annuals. Finally, I managed to get some ideas away with the approval of Dave and Neil. And finally I got me some awards. This got me a promotion to art director. The rest is just a continuous cycle of working hard, having a thick skin, learning on the job, picking up more awards and sticking around. Now I get to do TV shoots, photo shoots, work on big projects etc.

Its all about earning the respect. I just needed your good self to get me in the front door.”

Picture of David

David, Creative Director, Be Bold

“Become (previously Mac People) got me my first ‘real’ design job back in 2005. Justin was my focal point in the company and he was extremely helpful in liaising between myself and my prospective employer.

Without Become, I’m not sure I would be where I am now - I run my own Design agency. That first ‘real’ job helped enhance my design and front-end skills which are the services I provide today.

Big thanks to the Become team and would advise strongly getting in touch with them if you’re looking for a career in design.”


Picture of Craig

Craig, Creative Director, Twelve Creative

“Become has been great to me over the last 10 years, helping me find a designer role back in 2006, then various freelance positions from 2012.

I now work as Creative Director at Twelve Creative and will be definitely looking to Become for help with our recruitment requirements in the future.”


Picture of Alex

Alex, Creative Designer, Freelance

“Back in 2007 I was relocating to Manchester, mainly due to the abundance of creativity this city has. Become helped no end in assisting me with my portfolio, providing me with invaluable feedback and advice whilst also arranging me a handful of interviews until I secured the right role. They helped make the transition to a new city and a new way of life as seamless as possible.

6 years on from that, I decided to take the plunge into the world of freelancing and Become are still as helpful as ever in providing me with great studios to work in. Become helped get me on the first step of the ladder with my career in Manchester, and without there help I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Picture of Anne

Anne, Graphic Designer, Freelance

“I’m proud to say I have been with become since they began 10 years ago. Over this time they have successfully placed me in a variety of businesses and agencies in and around Manchester.

I have never regretted the decision to freelance with the support of become. They take the pressure off me to have to constantly look for work and chase invoices, so I can just get on with being a designer! The diversity of the roles has provided me invaluable experience and confidence as a designer. During my career become were also key in finding a full-time design role for me in 2008. I’m now back in the fold freelancing again, and happy to know that become are still there to help.

Become have always been professional, knowledgeable and super friendly, they definitely make you feel like part of the team. I’d like to thank them for their continued support and wish them very happy 10 year anniversary!”


Picture of Sarah

Sarah, Proofreader, McCann’s

“When I graduated university, Become helped me get my first ‘proper’ job with a print management company. They put me forward for the role of ‘proofreader’ and I got the job! I progressed at the company from Junior Proofreader to Proofreading Manager and, when I was ready to move onto a new challenge in 2013, I contacted Become and they found me the job I’m in now. I currently work as a proofreader for a large marketing agency and couldn’t be happier. I love using Become as my port-of-call for help with finding a job, as they’re always really friendly, helpful and reliable. They know exactly what I’m looking for at the time and on both occasions have succeeded in finding perfect roles for me. I have recommended them to lots of friends as I know they do such a good job of finding people their dream roles!”


Picture of Li

Li, Design Lead, Nublue

“In 2010 I started freelancing in the hope of getting various work experience, especially for e-commerce. I was offered an interview with Become/Mac people. It was a very friendly and professional interview with one of Become’s experienced consultants. Not long after the interview, Become introduced me for a freelancing job - working as a freelance digital designer at was growing fast at that time, and the team was expanding. Very different from my previous agency experience, I was learning and practicing a lot about e-commerce in more depth and larger scale. At the same time’s in house team had also been keen on finding someone with agency experience to be able to work well with its external agencies. With the coordination from Become, I was hired as a permanent digital designer, and later on promoted to Senior Designer. Now I am working as a Lead designer at a fast growing digital agency. My nearly five years work experience at has formed a solid foundation to my leadership over an e-commerce design team.

I’d like to thank Become for spotting my talent, listening to me needs and offering me such a great opportunity. Become’s consultants are friendly, professional and very helpful. They always made me feel valued as an individual by trying their best to look for what suits my needs.”


Picture of Sally

Sally, Designer, Freelance

“Become have been simply amazing to me. I believe you should work in a job you love and the Manchester team help me fulfil this on a daily basis. Kim and Iona understand my strengths and style of work. I’m so grateful for the fantastic jobs they send me on as I get to work on projects I enjoy and alongside some amazing people and companies in. The good doesn’t stop right there... I was fortunate enough to win a trip to China for my ongoing relationship with the team, and I am truly thankful and excited to depart on this coming September 2015. Their support and guidance is sincerely appreciated from the whole team and I look forward to their continued help in the coming future in supporting me in a career I love. Thanks a million!”


Picture of Chris

Chris, Creative Artworker, Freelance

“After a year of travelling, I came back home in 2009 to find industry cut backs, recession and many people out of work. After numerous interviews, in which I was 1 out of up to 100 candidates, I thought of going freelance through an agency hoping to get, at best, a couple of weeks work just to tied me over until I found a more permanent job. I chose Become, and within a week I was working! That was three years ago in 2012; since then I have been using Become on a full time basis working at some of the most diverse agencies and consultancies in Lancashire and Greater Manchester. If I finish at one placement, I simply call one of the staff members at Become and I’m given another placement, most of the time, straight’s that simple! With the ability to call for work or to have a break whenever I want, Become gives me the freedom to work how I want.”

Picture of Christopher

Christopher, Creative Artworker, Freelance

“Since starting work with Become back in 2012 I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great agencies, giving me invaluable experience and confidence. The freelance work with Become gives me the balance to work on site with larger agencies alongside running my own business. This way I can learn and exchange new skills from fellow freelancers and also enjoy the social atmosphere I wouldn’t get if I was working alone at home all the time. Become has a brilliant, efficient team to work with and I’ve always been happy with the placements and flexibility they have offered me over the last 3 years.”


Picture of Allison

Allison, Digital Artworker, Havas Lynx

“Become have been invaluable to me in my career. I always felt they paid careful attention to my skills and abilities and picked companies where I would be useful doing work that interested me.

Whenever I spoke to Justin or his colleagues they always remembered what I was doing and where I’d worked. I really felt that they took the time to get to know me.

I had been a freelancer for many years, working for different agencies on long and short term contracts. The last time they placed me for a contract, it was at a really great company, so great, in fact, that when they offered me full time and I decided to go for it. I haven’t looked back!”


Picture of Dave

Dave, Creative Director, DAWN

“Become and the great team in Manchester have helped myself (and my businesses) on numerous occasions over the last 9 years.

They sourced some great candidates for extremely important roles at my first agency which helped us grow quickly. Candidates that brought new ideas to the table, along with a great work ethic and creative input. The candidates were always of a high standard and we were supported throughout the search process extremely well.

When I needed support after leaving my first agency they stepped up once again and got myself bookings instantly, one of which led to a 3 month placement, helping me to gain financial security whilst building a new agency in my spare time.

To help manage the early months of workload at my new agency I worked with a few freelancers through Become which were great, so I asked Become to source candidates for a designer to join the agency full time. Again, the candidates were all highly creative along with intelligence and professionalism - It made my job a lot harder to make a final decision but it was well worth it in the end.

I would recommend Become for both Freelance and Permanent roles, both as a client and candidate... oh, and the parties we get invited to along with the surprise Krispy Kreme’s from time-to-time just add to the character of the agency.

No surprise to me that they are having success in the Far East and Australia too!”


Picture of Debbie

Debbie, Designer, InEvidence

“Picture it – April 2014, Manchester, cold and dreary, armed with my newly acquired qualification in Graphic Design, but no experience, when a ray of sunshine appeared on my horizon…..Become! They were friendly, and helpful, and more importantly got me my first freelance job. My portfolio grew, and with it my confidence, as assignment after assignment found it’s way onto my desk, until finally I was offered and accepted a permanent job in 2015. None of this would have been possible without the people at Become, so Thank You for your help and unwavering support.”