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Strategy Day 2015

Become Become 28 July 2015

One of the best days of the year is our Become annual strategy day. A day out for the whole team to bond, let our hair down and get a little creative...

This year was slightly different to the last…a whole day on a boat and nowhere to hide! We had some tasks to complete early on in the day which included a box of K’nex, some crayons and a sketch pad. Each team of 4 had to create a nautical themed model, a flag and a limerick including the word ‘Become.’ Not as easy as you’d think, but helped along with a cheeky glass of pimms.

There was a lovely sense of energy and creativity as we all worked together trying to win the most desired prize of a half day holiday!

Now for the fun parts…we set sail on the Seafin down the River Hambleinto the Solent and around to Bucklers Hard. The weather was touch and go but we managed to get in a spot of sunbathing, jet-skiing, karaoke and dancing on the roof before the rain hit. There was seafood, beer & wine and a delicious cake to celebrate Manchester’s 10th birthday.

Safe to say we were a little worse for wear after this year’s activities and returned to the London tube strike to top it off. Nothing a relaxing weekend can’t repair!

Here’s to next year….