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From Melbourne to London...

Become Become 5 May 2016

Late last year I caught the travel bug, deciding to follow in the footsteps of many Australians before me and head to the UK to work, play, and find out the true meaning of Winter (and perhaps taste-test a few of the local ales...)

After saying goodbye to Become Melbourne in March, I left to travel solo around Europe for five weeks, before arriving in London to settle for a while. Following a short visit here in 2010 I’d always wanted to come back for the long term and luckily for me, Become London had a spare computer - so after traipsing through Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, I arrived here in mid-April and started working with the lovely Nicky to help build the client service's desk.

It’s been a funny feeling starting a “new” job where I already know the database, processes and half the people (from their Linkedin at least!) but it's definitely made it easier to settle in quickly. Fully understanding the market will take a little more time, I’m sure - but with the chance to visit the D&AD festival in my first week I also managed to get a crash course in the London creative scene which was a fantastic help.

Working overseas has been a long term goal of mine so I feel really lucky to be continuing my career with Become London. I’m feeling right at home already and really looking forward to the next six months with this branch of the Become family.