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Laura Hoy Laura Hoy 23 March 2017

This month become once again were welcomed by the Manchester Publicity Association to their Chinese New Year Banquet. A highly anticipated event in the diary of many of those working in the creative, media or publishing industries in Manchester. The afternoon promised an opportunity to connect with a range of different individuals in the MPA network.

Unique amongst most networking events, the MPA focus on not just connecting like-minded individuals but also raising funds for the National Agency Benevolent Society, which is an organisation that helps those in need from the creative industries.

Sitting down at the table, business cards were exchanged before the banquet began! We were pleasantly surprised to find a nice compliment of different industries at our table with representatives from Tech, PR, Production and Social Media all being present.

All In all, the event proved to be a pleasant event with brilliant food coupled with even better company and no doubt an array of useful connections moving forward.