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Drink n’Doodle

Become Become 12 March 2013

It’s Thursday night and my hands are fidgeting, I’ve been working all day… what do I do…. Lets head on down to Manchester’s very own Drink’n’Doodle event! Drink n’Doodle is a monthly meet up in Manchester aimed at bringing together creative people, who want to enjoy a casual doodle over a few drinks. The event is held on a monthly basis and attracts a variety of creative types.

The night started off with two long benches covered in white paper and a huge pot of pens, pencils, felt-tips and charcoals. I went for the pencils and away I went. To my left was a freelance motions graphic designer, to my right an ex-recruiter who just loves to doodle foxes… a real mix. The drinks were flowing, the doodles were expanding the room was full of laughter so I decided it was time to get a cheeky bit of networking in I swapped a few business cards/emails/cheesy jokes and the night was coming to an end on high spirits! Literally! So if you’re in Manchester and fancy a doodle check out Drink’n’Doodle on!

Some fun facts about doodling!

1) Is your boss giving another dull speech? Doodling while listening can increase your memory retention by upto 30%.

2) Doodling is super fun!

3) Drinking’n’Doodling is even more fun!

4) Some psychologists recommend doodling!