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Become Become 26 January 2017

I can't believe that I am coming up to my 3rd year of working for Become. It seems like 2 minutes ago when I joined after just turning 17!

After leaving school, I decided to go to college initially but wasn’t enjoying the ‘school like environment’. I felt that I needed something else to give me the challenge I wanted. I learned more about apprenticeships and decided to take the plunge and send my details to "The Apprentice Academy".

A few days later they came back to me asking if I would be happy to go in for a training day, as the process went on I went in for several training days and I was accepted as a candidate. After going for interviews with a variety of companies I was invited for my first interview with Become, I met with Justin who made the interview a breeze and then Iona and Kim joined me for my second.

I remember walking to college one Friday morning and getting told that Become would like to offer me the role, I quickly turned round and skipped home knowing I wouldn't have to go back again!

In the past 3 years I have been given the opportunity to go on strategy away days with the UK team, attended many Rose’s Creative Awards as well as learning about the recruitment process.

Even though I was always encouraged to grow and excel myself within my role I never believed I would work my way from an Admin Assistant to a Resourcer and now a Junior Recruitment Consultant.

Everyone in the Manchester team has helped me along the way and I am looking forward to many more years here!