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Full-time In-house Growth Hacker @ Business Consulting Agency


A all-rounded international business consultancy specializing in the acquisition/buying, building and development of smaller, emerging brands (mostly luxury) to turn them into profit-making businesses. We're basically talking about Growth Hacking. Instead of focusing on just 1 or 2 areas like many other consultancies, they cover most of everything, including:

Branding, Design & Creative
Marketing & Digital Strategy
Sales & Distribution (mostly eCommerce)
Legal & Compliance
Manufacturing (help brand source for specialist manufacturers/factories all over the world)
Quality Control
Finance & Acquisition

At the moment, the consultancy has a portfolio of 6 core brands, and 22 other that are in the seed investment stage. These brands comes from a wide range of product categories, including: French leather goods brand, Handcrafted rustic furniture brand, High-end Japanese steel knives brand, etc.

*Other brands can be found on their official website.


As an experienced Growth Hacker, you know better that there should be no set ways of growth hacking, while it’s a mindset and the combination of data, curiosity and creativity, and it changes slightly when the brand/product changes.

Nevertheless, in essence, they are looking to bring in a full-time in-house Growth Hacker(more than one if they could, as there are a number of brands), to help a portfolio of brands grow exponentially. You will have the support from a team of eCommerce Analysts, SEO Analyst, Content Strategist, Social Media Videographer, etc., to help the brands penetrate various global markets online, with the US market being the biggest portion at the moment.

**Given the importance of the role, there is no cap on the salary bracket, and the role comes with 20 days annual leaves.


The company is Headquartered in Hong Kong with staffs from 8 different nationalities, and they have two nicely fit-out and spacious offices in the same building in Lai Chi Kok, just 2 mins away from the MTR station.


The brands are still at rather startup stages, and you know either they grow very quickly to a certain size and volume, or they may just die. The consulting firm and its investors are already spending lots of money on social media marketing/advertising at the moment to boost growth, however, without the innovative and quick growth strategies from a Growth Hacker, the speed and volume of growth is not promising enough, hence it is very crucial for them to hire a talented Growth Hacker to push growth up to an on-fire level.