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Senior Digital Journalist/Editor - Digital Content Platform (Financial/Investment news)

An Online Content Platform (a bit like Buzzfeed or 9Gag, etc.) is looking for a number of Editors/Reports to develop and oversee various content "channels", each with a specific theme.

One of those "channels" they're looking to further develop now is the “Financial/Business/Investment” channel

The job:

They are looking for an Senior editor/reporter with good knowledge and sensitivity to Financial, Investment & Business related trends and news, ideally you can bring in financial/business news/features that are more juicy and less boring
You'll join as a leader of a small team, to lead, inspire and mentor junior editors
It’s ideal if you’re experienced as (or has very good connection with) blogger, youtuber, or even a KOL in that field to go in and drive content and traffic of their webpage, Facebook Fan page and mobile apps, covering editorials, news, knowledge, tips, parodies, in written contents and videos, etc.
You will take part in revolutionizing the public’s perception of financial and investment related stuff, ideally to educate the younger generation proper financial & investment concepts

Are you right?

If you’re a U-grad, ideally with a related subject to Finance, Econ, or Journalism.
You must be presentable with excellent communication skills as you will be required to report real-time news over business world.
You have to have genuine interest (as well as knowledge and ideally actual participation) in stock markets and various types of investment tools.
It would be ideal if you have some experience in leading/mentoring a small team
You need to have a passion in digital media/online content platform
You will have to have good web editing experience and good understanding of online writing tools.
You will also have a good sense in video and photo editing, with the knowledge of using Photoshop, FinalCut, Adobe Premiere, etc.

If you think you’re someone who is flowing the blood made of financial & investment topics, and can make an impact in the scene of younger audiences, you should make a living out of this while changing the world.

Contact become now to find out how you can do this!