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I Heart Studios - Shoreditch Art Wall

Become Become 14 February 2014

I Heart Studios have recently been working on an interesting collaborative project, creating some really striking visuals, which have been displayed on the Shoreditch Art Wall. We caught up with I Heart Studios to find out a bit more ...

Here at I Heart, we’re really proud of the work we do for our clients. Therefore, to celebrate the upcoming launch of our new creative studio space we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of our recent collaborative work.

And where better to do this than the Shoreditch Art Wall, a space dedicated to conceptual art projects in the heart of creative East London. From January 22nd to February 20th we will be presenting four distinctive campaigns with innovative brands such as Spitfire Sunglasses, BenSherman and Underated London, plus an editorial feature with Fault Magazine.

Our creative team has considered this unique outdoor art space, and developed a series of original concepts that interact with the street scene.

Who is I Heart Studios?

I Heart Studios was founded in 2008 out of the simple belief that exceptional imagery is fundamental to increasing online sales and enhancing brand perceptions. The founders, Luke Reynolds and Emma Hampson-Jones remain in the business, and just as passionate as ever.

Tell us a bit about the project?

The project showcases the most creative collaborative work we’ve undertaken for clients and partners. It was important we displayed what we can do across a selection of different shoot types: editorial, campaign and creative product still life.

Which brands are involved?

Ben Sherman, Spitfire Sunglasses, Underated and Fault Magazine. All the clients and partners got behind the project from the start. It has been fantastic working with brands focused on creating a conceptual art-inspired project.

Why the Shoreditch Art Wall?

The Art Wall provided the scale we needed to make a real statement - it's a space that commands your attention. However making the space a success was a real challenge, we had to be brave with our image selection and have a strong conviction in what we were doing.

What has been the best part about the collaboration?

It has been great to see the positive reaction from the clients. It's only when you stand in front of the art wall do you really get an understanding of the sheer scale of the imagery. This has been the perfect platform to build on existing relationships and also create some new ones.

How big is the team over at I Heart Studios?

I Heart Studios just keeps growing we are now at over 100. We have a dynamic team of Art Directors, photographers, stylists, retouchers, producers and many more who all make projects like this possible.

When are you opening your new creative studios in Bermondsey?

The creative space opens in March in Bermondsey. We truly think the industry needs a new kind of digital content studio. This space will work alongside our 17K sq. ft studio for product shoots. We can't wait to open the doors and start producing more engaging creative content.