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HK 2014

Oscar  Li Oscar Li 22 December 2014

Christmas jingles and Christmassy temperature marks the time for me to have a look at our first year, 9 months rather at Become. Looking back to the day when I got off the plane from Sydney and Melbourne to Hong Kong (yes, Become flew me over to Australia for orientation and training for 2 weeks), and the day when I walked into the empty office with the new boxes of iMacs, having to set everything up from scratch, sourcing name cards and everything else sorted.

I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months but at the same time I can’t believe we have already already achieved so much that it seems like it’s been years! From our hard launch event with Mumbrella, to our first sponsored PR event and our very own Become Party and our first candidate night with countless candidate meetings and client meetings, I would like to thank the team for the constant effort to get Become’s name out there. Big thanks for Marc the APAC MD and Sue the Group MD for the frequent visits to make sure we have what we need and our quality driven consultative approach, our name have been pretty well received by all of our clients, leaving us at a good to have bad position, having potentially more roles to fill than our manpower could handle. However, fear not my beloved clients, we have already hired a very talented individual to join us starting in Jan 2015 to take care of our very important existing clients and to further expand Become’s business. With yet still another headcount to fill, Become is looking to grow into a 5 man team from scratch, all hopefully within just 12 months since launch.

Become Hong Kong is in a very lucky position, with the opportunity to learn from the Australia offices and the UK offices. Having been Australia for initial training and being invited to an annual Strategy Day in Manchester, UK and to shadow the London team, I shall integrate the practices and culture from our mother companies and develop our very own Become Hong Kong culture. Wish everyone and every office a great Christmas and hope to see 2015 to be even bigger than this year. Lots of exciting new plans to put into motion for our Hong Kong dream team.